Salute to our Soldier Settlement


The opening of the Soldier Settler Monument, Stanthorpe, in Queensland will be held on 11th November, 2019 to celebrate the centenary of the arrival of the returned men from World War 1.  

After extensive research, we have established that the local Pikedale Soldier Settler Scheme was one of the first in Queensland, the largest in area, and had the most difficult living conditions.  Therefore we are erecting an 3m soldier settler in bronze, together with his wife, his horse and plough to honour these men, and their wives. 

Whilst there have been some memorial plaques erected in honour of the soldier settlers in various states of Australia, there appears to be only one other statue erected of a WW1 veteran, located in Griffith NSW. 

At no time has the "wife" been honoured. These women went to the bush blocks, lived initially in bark huts, and worked alongside their men to create a viable farming property. 

Stage 1: 

Is complete, and includes planning approvals and acquisition and preparation of the site. Land tenure currently held by the Stanthorpe Historical Society will be transferred to become a State Government Reserve once construction work is completed.            

Stage 2: 

Planned to be opened early 2019   Completion of the Park,  supply and installation of the life size wife, horse, and plough, in bronze. Landscaping including the  paved pathway from the car park to the sculptures.

Stage 3: 

Supply and installation of the soldier settler with his axe over his shoulder, estimated 3m, in bronze.

Painting by Franco Arcidiacono
Painting by Franco Arcidiacono

Illustration by Franco Arcidiacono